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FX Money Map is the most powerful and accurate Forex trading system on the market. Our unique multi-time frame GRIDS will be your indispensable tool to making profit in the fx market.



Do You Have an Accurate, Rock-Solid FX Trading System That Allows You to Consistently Make Money Trading the Forex Market?

As a trader, you have to ask yourself: "Can I trust my present trading signals...are they indicating a clear path to profit?" Don't bet on it.

With a variable and complex market such as Foreign Exchange (FX), you need a tried-and-true forex trading system that will provide reliable, real-time navigation signals that you can depend on.

The fact is, that there are far too many forex platforms on the market that lead the average trader into a constant state of fear and uncertainty.

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The reality is you're probably like hundreds of traders we've encountered, struggling with other forex software that is confusing with its presentation of countless details. Lost in a sea of data and analysis, your approach will soon become frustrated and indecisive. There is nothing that will dissuade you quicker than a difficult system with erratic signals.

Is Forex Trade Signals & Market Analysis Software For You?

Who can deny the amazing profit potential that exists in the FOREX market? Can you really afford not to be involved? A quick glance at the FOREX market reveals the following key advantages:

  • Trades an astounding TWO TRILLION dollars a day - that's $2,000,000,000,000! This is far bigger than the NYSE and the NASDAQ combined.

  • 24-hour trading - open from Sunday evening to Friday afternoon, FOREX doesn’t see the gaps up or down that are seen at the open or close of the stock market, and investors don’t have to worry about their stop limits being skipped.

  • Superior liquidity - buy or sell as often as you desire with a market that is always ready and willing to exchange.

  • Incredible Leverage - generally 50:1, although there are some FOREX brokers who offer a generous 100:1.

  • Lower transaction costs - traders work directly with the dealers. Many brokers in forex will make money on the spread between the bid and ask, rather than charging direct commissions.

  • Excellent Trading Potential - in both rising and falling markets trading for a profit is possible.

"Just wanted to pass along a little praise for your new Fibonacci Grid. I am rather intimidated by most charts. Every thing that I need is right in front of me in one place with your Grid. I made money tonight on the Euro on a trade that I would never have taken if not for the Grid."

Thanks again, Fred

As a New or Experienced Trader, Wouldn't You Want to:

  • Reduce your Fear & Frustration with the analysis process?

  • Get clear directions on where and when to make your moves?

  • Cut your expensive Currency Trading Advisor out of the equation?

  • Stop entrusting decisions to "Black Box" forex trading systems that you know nothing about?

  • Make money with less work and enjoy forex trading again?

Of course you would! And that's where FX Money Map can help.

Successfully Navigating The Forex Market Doesn't Have to be Such a Challenge!

Are your eyes bugging out from trying to comprise relevant data from so many charts? How about the constant worry that comes from trying to work with a piece-meal trading system. Or maybe your trust is wavering with that over-simplified "black box" trading system.

Without a reliable and simple forex trading system you have no way of making your trading experience both easy and profitable.

As a trader, you know it is paramount to have forex trading software that can identify which way the market is moving, establish reasonable direction signals, and give you unhindered access to making money on your moves.

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FX Money Map takes the Highly Technical & Advanced Charting Systems the Pros Use and Makes it Easy!

Underlying the FX Money Map trading system is a methodology of forex technical analysis called Fibonacci Trading. Essentially, Fibonacci trading takes advantage of the basic principle that what has happened in the past will happen again. While this method of analysis has proven to be very successful in predicting the support and resistance levels in the forex market it has come with a price of frustration. Traders often abandon the method for the following reasons:

  • Complexity of charts needed to calculate and plot the data

  • The amount of charting is burdensome considering that the data must be plotted across multiple time frames in order to get reliable information to trade on.

  • Loss of opportunity often occurs when all the charting and analysis is completed, the market has moved on.

But not anymore! This is why top interbank trader Andy Shearman and his team of technical experts set out to develop FX Money Map, a software program that takes the "high-tech" of the Fibonacci trading system and makes it usable to the average and experienced trader alike.

A Forex Trading System That Works Like Satellite Navigation to the FX Market!

Some would say that perspective is everything! Such is the case with the forex market. Using FX Money Map as your forex trading software gives you the aerial advantage of seeing the world of currency from above. Finally an fx trading system that will help guide your navigation; giving you trading signals on where to go, when to go, and how long to stay - up to 16 currency pairs at the same time!

Only FX Money Map offers the ability to easily pinpoint high probability winning trades at a glance, a technology that is unmatched in the industry. Our forex trading system contains all the navigational tools you'll need to trade with confidence - in a single easy to use software suite.

"Having tested the grid over 4 weeks i find it an indispensable navigational tool, it gives me instant access to market action, trading possibilities & limitations. It has enabled me to tighten stops & set limit orders with optimum accuracy. In summary the grid amplifies confidence, with proven results. see attached balance sheet 20.000$ + in 4 weeks
Thanks for your time & workshop"

Regards Tony

Setup Meter

Imagine a single panel that is designed to alert you when any currency pair is setting itself up for a profitable trade! Our new "SETUP METER" is literally the "BIG PICTURE" to the forex market. No other forex trading systems will offer you this kind of advantage to trading with vast amounts of analysis on a small amount of desktop space.

With this cutting-edge technology you will be able to constantly stay tuned in to all 16 major currency pairs across 4 separate time frames. Now instead of having to look at 16 individual grids yourself, the SETUP METER system will display all 16 currency pairs simultaneously 24 hours a day. You'll be alerted to only the grids that appear to be setting up with a directional bias. As opposed to currency grids that are in consolidation and with no discernable short term trend. NOTE - The SETUP METER won't replace manually analyzing the GRIDS of your favorite currency pairs for higher risk trades, but will greatly cut down in assisting you with those that are less risky.

Once you're alerted as to which currency pairs are ready to trade you'll open up the GRID for that pair.

Grids (With Fibonacci Band Overlay)

The GRIDS are literally the navigational heartbeat of our forex trading system. Based on the GRID ALERTS you'll want to open up a GRID panel for each currency pair that you want to trade. Unlike other forex trading systems, our GRIDS remove the complexity of making trading decisions.

The GRID will give you a more insightful analysis of each currency pair while offering you the following:

  • Multi-time frame analysis - You can see in an instant the same information across 1,5,15 and 60 minute columns on the GRID. This is information that would take considerable time to analyze manually across the different time frames on the charts.

  • Buy/Sell Directions - With only a few trading pointers you will learn to read the GRID and see a profitable move within a couple seconds of analyzing See instantly if a currency pair contains an advantageous deal. Reading the GRIDS is much like reading a real-time traffic report with each timeframe representing a highway. With just a glance you'll know where to drive...North (Buy) or South (Sell) or if there is a Gridlock (Do Nothing) ahead. The simplicity of reading the GRIDS makes other forex trading systems seem tedious and cumbersome.

  • One Page Display - All this information slims down to a one page display requiring no more screen space than that available on a hand held internet enabled device making this invaluable FX Trading information accurate and useable on the go.

  • Simplicity - This new method of trading Forex to minimum 20-30 pip profits is transparent, simple and obvious after a few training pointers.

Learn to trade the GRID yourself by identifying the clear roads, trading them, trusting them and making your points. See for yourself how the GRIDS makes conventional chart analysis obsolete.

Candlestick Chart (With Fibonacci Band Overlay)

When it comes to technical forex analysis, the Candlestick Chart has proven to be a good way to see the trends in pricing over a specific period of time. Taking the basic advantages of Candlestick Chart we have taken it a step further by incorporating the Money Map Fibonacci retracement bands and lines.

You can use this chart to see the Fibonacci data that drives Money Map's unique presentation of trading signals, but once you understand how to use the SETUP METER and GRID this chart will not be a crucial part of the trading process. Its available, but the beauty of Money Map is that it takes the robustness of this chart and drills it down to the important trading signals needed to make money.

Don't Pass Up the Opportunity to Experience Freedom in FX Trading!

The bottom line is that no matter if you are new to forex or are a seasoned veteran, there is just no easier way to experience successful trading than with FX Money Map. Having our software and support at your fingertips will send the dreaded days of complex trading right out the window freeing you up to enjoy the experience. Take advantage of the forex market and wake up to a cup of coffee and a successful day using FX Money Map as your trading companion.

But before jumping right into using our fx trading software, we would like you to see the software in action! We think you'll be blown away by the possibilities!

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We would like to invite you to join us for a LIVE online software demo hosted by Andy Shearman, an experienced FOREX trader with over 20 years experience in leading City banks. This is your opportunity to "look over" Andy’s shoulder, watching and listening, as he conducts a LIVE analysis of the FOREX market during the New York opening session. See him use the FX Money Map to monitor various currency pairs and answer the questions of Webinar participants.

After seeing the software for yourself you will have the opportunity to purchase the FX Money Map software at the end of the Webinar. READ THIS VERY CAREFULLY - once you purchase FX Money Map you will have the freedom to attend any, or all, of these Webinars for life. Just imagine having direct access to Andy and all that experience! You won't find this kind of forex opportunity anywhere else!

Bonus Training - Once you have reserved your seat for the software demo we will also give you access to our additional online training:

  • 36 Online Video Lessons - Andy will take you through 36 - sixty second tutorials, showing classic historic market movements and how the Grids predicted them. View the tutorials to see what you will learn.

  • Past Webinars - Access past sessions of Andy illustrating the power of FX Money Map being used on New York opening sessions. In addition to explaining our forex trading software, Andy also covers helpful forex topics that will give you the edge on currency trading.

If you have a keen interest, as a novice or seasoned trader, in FOREX trading then this is your chance to see an experienced trader using his product to analyze live FOREX markets. In order that all participants can interact with Andy during the session, attendance is limited each reserve your seat now!

Put the pedal down and drive your forex profits all the way to the bank? Take control of your trading lifestyle with FX Money Map!


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